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Oct 25, 2020 - Comments - blog

Why I left WordPress for the Hugo framework

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Many years ago I used WordPress for just about every project I had. The simplicity of updating and editing is what really got my hooked on the framework. As of late I have been wanting to gravitate more towards a minimal framework setup. Load times are a bit better and overall designing is a bit simplistic. While I have updated the framework of my site, I also updated the URL. Something to match the more minimal feel of the overall site.

Why HUGO over WordPress?

It’s more of a minimal setup that can be hosted pretty much anywhere ie. Github. There is no backend database setup. Editing is fairly easier once you get the hang of it. If all you need is some text and some color. This is more of a framework I would suggest you check out. You also will limit hacking attempts to your site.

What are some limitations of HUGO?

Editing is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. The learning curve can get slightly advanced from the basic click and edit technique that WordPress offers out of the box. It will be more hands on for the user. I haven’t gotten enough experience at this point to really conclude a definitive list of limitations.


What I have done was watched a bunch of HUGO basics videos. There is a Youtube channel here by the name of Mike Dane who goes into detail. Very informative videos and would suggest anyone looking to get the basics down of HUGO to go over there and watch all 23 videos.

My old blog: www.ryankessen.com is still live currently. It’s more of a archive of content that I will slowly port over here as I see fit. I wasn’t able to transfer comments over since I am now using a 3rd party solution. I know there are a couple conversion steps to port those over but I haven’t gotten the time to do that.

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