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If you are interested in any of these services then please contact me for a quote.

  • WordPress upgrades - get your site upgraded to the latest and greatest
  • WordPress security audits - let me run a fine comb over your site and fix any potential security issues, or help you recover from an attack
  • High performance configuration - I have a bunch of tricks up my sleeve to make your WordPress site responsive and stable
  • Troubleshooting - let me figure out what that cryptic error message is, and (more importantly) let me fix it
  • Migration to WordPress - move your site to WordPress without breaking your old links
  • Migration to Hugo - moving your site from WordPress or other software to Hugo
  • Server Relocation - sit back stress free and let me relocate your website to a new server
  • Software Conversion - want your website converted to a new php framework then – I’m the guy to hire

These are just some of the services that I offers. If your looking for something specific and don’t see it on this list, contact me with more information and I will get back to you at the best available time.


Here you will find my very happy clients that I’ve done work for over the years on various different projects.

As you can see, The Capital Spectator has a new web site. I’ll be tweaking the design in the days to come, but at the moment the primary migration to WordPress from Movable Type is complete. The seamless switch, by the way, is due to Ryan Kessen, an IT consultant par excellence who’s an authority on all things related to WordPress, web design, and a whole lot more in the land of computers and the web. Ryan managed the transition, delivering a smooth and efficient conversion to WP. If you’re in the market for an informed resource on such matters, Ryan’s my first recommendation.

– James Picerno | capitalspectator.com

I’ve worked with Ryan on a number of sites now and for Wordpress or html/css work he is the guy I want to work with and the only one I recommend.

– James Trotta | travel-plan-idea.com